Best Season for trekking in Nepal

It was after opening the arms of Nepal for foreign tourism that it saw an increase of tourists from all over the globe traveling to Nepal for their holidays. Mother nature has blessed this country with the world’s tallest mountain, Mount Everest (8,848 m). With about a third of this county a mountainous region and another third a hilly region, this offers a perfect condition for trekking and hiking.

With rugged terrain, untouched flora and fauna, unique heritage and culture this country has been able to put itself as a number one destination for trekking. It is, without any doubt, one of the best destination considering the fact for budget.

Best season for trekking in Nepal
Trekkers on the way to their destination

If you are planning to go for trekking in Nepal soon, you might want to check the different seasons in Nepal.

The main trekking seasons in Nepal are:

  • Autumn Season: September through November
  • Winter Season: December through February
  • Spring Season: March through May
  • Summer Season: June through August

Autumn Season: September through November

Autumn is considered as the best season for trekking in Nepal. This hence attracts scores of trekkers in this Himalayan nation. The months September, October and November fall in this season. This season offers excellent weather and awesome views of the Himalayan range. The temperature too is moderate and favorable making it a good time for all trek destinations. Occasional short storm may dump considerable show at high altitude, but the sky is clear with good view of the Himalayas. The Everest Base Camp and the Annapurna Circuit, which are the most popular trails, are bustling with trekkers and this is felt from the trails to the tea houses.

Winter Season: December through February

Winter is the second most popular time of the year for trekking in Nepal. The months February, March, April and May fall during this season. This time of the year brings in snowfall in the higher altitudes which comes with high speed rink winds and colder temperature. This season sees relatively less crowd than the peak season. Make sure you gear up well and pack your bags with the right clothing for winter.

Spring Season: March through May

Spring season is also considered as one of the best season for trekking in Nepal. This offers various flora and fauna in the trekking route. One of them is the blossoming of the giant Rhododendrons above 3000 meters. This season is also considered best time for peak climbing in this region. The temperature is mildly warm at lower altitudes and moderate at higher altitudes. This season also provides spectacular view of the Himalayan range. The month March, April and May fall in this season.

Summer Season: June through August

This season sees relatively less number of travelers to Nepal. The mercury level also rises during this period. The summer season also expects some heavy downpour which may make trekking conditions a bit unfavorable. This however does not mean that the trekking routes are completely closed or blocked for trekkers, but you need to be better prepared for the routes. This is a good option for you if you want to go for trekking with less crowd around. The month June, July and August falls in this season.

So which is the best season for trekking in Nepal?

With consideration of all of the above, we can conclude that Autumn is the best season for trekking in Nepal. The spring season is also another favorable time to go for trekking in different destinations.

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