Ropain – Rice Planting Festival in Nepal

This year on June 29, marks the annual Ropain Festival in Nepal. This festival falls on 15th of Ashad, in Nepali calendar. This festival is celebrated to mark the start of rice planting and also seen as a good fortune for a good harvesting season.

Ropain festival
Ropain festival (image via

This festival is one of the most important festival in the monsoon season which marks the planting of the first rice sapling. This festival is important to Farmers whose livelihood depends upon the harvest of the rice planted during early monsoon. Farmers along with their neighbors and other locals together celebrate this festival. This day is also seen as a main tourist attraction for tourists and other people new to this culture. One can also celebrate this festival along with the local people.

Activities in the Rice Planting Festival:

  • You can play with the mud with your friends, sing and dance to the local cultural tunes
  • Take part in the competitions help by the organizers
  • Help farmers organize sowing of saplings
  • The people will also teach you how to sow the rice saplings
  • Feast on Dahi-Chiura (Yougart and beaten rice) and local alcohol.

The day is also seen as Dahi-Chiura (Yougart and beaten rice) eating day. After the Ropain festival, people usually feast on Dahi and Chiura along with locally brewed alcohol. You can take a Day tour of Kathmandu city to view this rice planting festival.