Tourism trend in Nepal for the past three years

Nepal has been a hot spot for tourists from around the world for decades. There are wide range of activities for every tourists arriving in Nepal; be it group travelers, travelers with family and kids or solo traveler. Nepal never stops to fascinate any single soul. The tourism trend in Nepal has seen a steady growth in the past new years.

The number of traveler arriving in Nepal has seen a steady increase for many years. This is all thanks to different promotional activities by the Tourism Board of Nepal as well as individual tourism entrepreneurs. There had been a slight decrease of tourists in Nepal in the year 2015 due to the earthquake. But the tourism industry has bounced back and the number of tourists have already gone up in the year 2016. We expect more number of travelers coming to Nepal this year.

Tourism trend for the past three years:

2014 2015 2016
Number of tourists 790,118 538,970 753,002
Tourist Stays (in days) 12.4 13.1 13.4
Tourist Spending (per day) US $46.4 US $70.2 US $53.5
Tourist arrival (via road) 204,137 131,558 180,439
Data source: Nepal Tourism Board