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What Our Clients Say About Us

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4 days Poon Hill trekking tour

Nepal is the heaven for trekkers around the world. Having a plan to travel to Nepal, I randomly googled some trekking companies a month prior to my departure and contacted them afterwards. But only MMT who gave me clear details and itinerary with very reasonable price. Having no trekking experience before, I chose PoonHill Sunrise Trek as my first trekking experience. 

With very scenic view along the way to reach Poon Hill, Shiva, my guide, told me everything about Himalayan culture and tradition. Even in 4th day I got injured in my legs and should be picked up by a jeep on our way back to Nayapul, MMT covered the expense as well as an extra night in Pokhara too--because PoonHill trek should had been done in five days. In other words, what makes MMT different from any other companies that exist is they prioritize service rather than just fresh cash in hand. Even then I booked other package tour (mountain flight) from MMT as I had proved their trusted work. I really thank Dolakh, Shiva, and the other crews for making my first trekking experience memorable and thank you for the patience. 

Nadya Yolanda 
Jakarta, Indonesia 

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Everest base camp Cho La pass trek

Everest Base Camp trekking is geographically spectacular and culturally fascinated. Our Everest trekking package takes you closer to the ice covered giants, that are most dramatic in Nepal. Everest base camp trekking along the Sherpa villages to Namche Bazaar and Khumjung explores Sherpa lifestyle, beliefs, skills and warmth. 

As the altitude rises, temperatures drop: forests and farmland gives way to alpine scrub, rock and ice. From Gorak Shep, a trail leads to the ring of peaks that surround Base Camp (5,350m) on the Khumbu glacier. An early morning, climb up Kala Patthar (5 545m/18 193ft) above Gorak Shep, offers fantastic sunrise views of Everest, Lotse, Nuptse and Pumori on the background. Returning trek becomes easier to Lukla.

Sacha Schwegler

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7 days Poon Hill ABC Trek

I’m just back in Kathmandu from the 7 days Poon Hill Annapurna base camp trek, and had an amazing week. The views were brilliant, as was the walking. Mountain Mart have been fantastic, quickly organizing my trek and ensuring everything went smoothly. They made possible to do ABC trek comfortably, though I have limited time. We had a lot of fun, and my guide Prem kept us well entertained. Great company, great guides, great trekking. 

Tim Shacles

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Annapurna trek - March 2014

Dit is alweer de 3e keer dat ik in Nepal trek en altijd met Mountain Mart trekking. Het is mijn ervaring dat deze trekking companie erg ervaren is. Inmiddels heb ik met Mountain Mart trekking de PoonHill, Makalu, Lang Tang, Panchase, Helambu en de Tamang Heritage trekking gedaan.

Elke trekking is anders en een ervaring op zich. Er is dan ook geen enkele trekking met elkaar te vergelijken. Soms slaap je bij mensen thuis, zeer eenvoudig en eet je mee met wat de pot schaft, wat meestal gewoon Dhal Bat is. Andere keren heb je het wat luxer als je in een heuse Lodge je onderdak vindt. Maar bijna is het altijd wel zo, dat warme douches je wel kunt vergeten!!

Het landschap varieert van hoog gebergte met kale met sneeuw bedekte toppen, koud en onhergbergzaam, geisoleerde gemeenschappen, tot de wat meer “laagland”  (toch nog rond 3500 meter), waar je op je weg voortdurend dorpjes tegenkomt en mensen. Het landschap waar je door trekt is hoofdzakelijk bos,  rijstvelden, en de typische newari gemeenschapjes. Contact met de bevolking is reuze gemakkelijk. En denk dan ook vooral eraan om pennen en balonnen mee te nemen om uit te delen aan de kinderen. Want op je weg komt deze vraag steeds weer opnieuw tegen. De kinderen zijn er erg blij mee.

Mountain Mart trekking heeft prima gidsen die je alles kunt vragen over landschap, gewoonten van de mensen, cultuur etc. Ze staan voor je klaar en zijn nooit te beroerd om je op wat voor manier dan ook te helpen. Ik heb inmiddels een goede band opgebouwd met verschillende gidsen die zo in de loop van de tijd ook echte vrienden zijn geworden. Mountain Mart trekking kan ik dan ook van harte aan bevelen aan mensen die op maat willen reizen, hun eigen vragen, wensen hebben aangaande het maken van ee trekking. Mountain Mart is gewoon TOP!!!

Mirjam Hendriksen

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Chisopani Nagarkot trek

This was my first time in Nepal and I just wanted to do a short trekking trip to the mountains. I walked around in Kathmandu and found this trekking place, Mountain Marts Treks. They were very helpful and went on a trip for 3 days Chisopnai Nagarkot TrekAnd I trekked to Chisapani and then to Nagarkot and last day we finished to Changunarayan, and took the bus to Bhaktapur and visited the famous square. I got my own guide that was very helpful and new all about the mountains. There was no rush and I could was as fast or slow as I wanted. The guide new all the places and shortcuts and found very professional and really kind, and made sure everything was good. It’s a perfect trip to start with and the views were amazing. 

Lovisa Johnsson

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Poon Hill Trek- February 2014

Mountain Mart Trek is recommended by my Hong Kong friends, they told me that MMT is a good agency, could try. Finally, my friends and I joined MMT's private trekking tour to Poon Hill in Feb 2013. After this trip, we will not use "good" to mention MMT, because MMT is an EXECELLENT agency. Their service is much higher than "good" level. We have already been a few countries in asia, but the tour provided by MMT is the best one!!!

Although their service is excellent, their price is reasonable. When I asked Dolakh (travel consultant of MMT) to help arrange my tour, he isn't like other agencies to just provide standard trekking itinerary. When he knew we weren't strong, modified the tour to be 5 days trekking instead of 4 days with other useful advices to suit our needs. His travel agency is what I need !!  We enjoyed the trekking so much, the scenery was very nice and also much appriecate the services of the guide Shiva and the porter Sujan. 

The guide told us a lot about the Nepal culture, provided the lodges with panorama view of Annapurna and fish tail (some lodges don't have the views). He looked after us well and always prepared all before telling him. The porter Sujan not only did his job - carrying the backpack, but also looked after us too. He tried his best to not let us slip on the ice trail.  Also, we like this service provided from them - the guide always walked little bit in front of us and porter always walked little bit behind us to avoid we got lost in the mountain.  We really thanks to Dolakh, Shiva and Sujan to give us a Wonderful trip in Nepal, we HIGHLY recommend MMT to be your agency.

Kody, Anson and Nicky.

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Annapurna Base Camp Trek-September 2014



        考虑到我们是在尼泊尔的旅游旺季和国内的黄金周出行,而且我们8个人在加德满都和博卡拉参观以及进山出山时叫出租车也不方便,我计划从加德满都开始就有人帮助安排我们这么多人的住行。看了国内的很多游记,大部分徒步的人都是选择到博卡拉寻找背夫上山,所以没有发现什么适合我们的徒步公司推荐。于是在网上开始用Google搜索,经过对比和根据网站主页的第一印象,我选了和3家在加德满都的徒步公司联系,和这3家公司沟通了我的要求和想法之后,MOUNTAIN MART设计的ABC徒步线路以及和加德满都,博卡拉的衔接更加合理,价格也很有优势,同时,他们快速的响应速度,以及不厌其烦的态度也让我印象深刻,我最终选择了MOUNTAIN MART(以下缩写为MMT)。老实说,在行程开始之前,尽管已经和MMT有了多达十几轮的邮件沟通,也几乎把所有的重要信息确定下来,但是还是有一点担心自己的选择是否正确。


Sept.26 Shanghai-Kathmandu (香港转机,飞了大半天,有点累)

Sept.27 Kathmandu (城市观光)

Sept.28 Kathmandu-Pokhara (飞到博卡拉,下午在酒店休整)

Sept.29 Pokhara -Naya Pul -Ghandruk(进山开始徒步了)

Sept.30 Ghandruk-Chomorong

Oct.1 Chomorong -Himalaya Hotel

Oct.2 Himalaya Hotel-Annapurna Base Camp

Oct.3 Annapurna Base Camp-Bamboo

Oct.4 Bamboo-New Bridge

Oct.5 New Bridge¬-Landruk-Pokhara(终于从山里走出来了)

Oct.6 Pokhara(早上尝试了MMT安排的滑翔伞,下午观光,逛街)

Oct.7 Pokhara-Kathmandu(乘坐包车回加都)

Oct.8 Kathmandu-Hongkong(晚上的飞机,白天继续观光)

Oct.9 Hongkong-Shanghai     



1. 队伍里的一姑娘在徒步第一天就发现鞋子脱底了,尽管在大修后还是坚持了两天,但最后还是非常影响徒步,向导把自己的登山鞋和她对换,自己穿着一双破鞋走了后半程。

2. 下雨了,有团员没穿全防水的衣服,向导把自己的雨衣给她穿,自己淋成个落汤鸡,山里的雨,又在高海拔,那叫一个冰冷刺骨啊。

3. 每天到达目的地,向导总是把我们热汤热水地服务好,并把每个人第二天的早餐都记下安排好,再去和背夫一起吃晚饭。弄得我们都有点过意不去,好像变成剥削阶级了。

4. 我下山后在逛街时没看清路,摔了一跤,严重崴了脚,后面两天,向导一直背着我去看医生,背着我去吃饭,背着我去坐车……不夸张地说,比老公还细心体贴。



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Langtang-Gosaikunda-Helambu Trek: December 2014

A fantastic trek that was recommended by Mountain Mart treks with a fabulous combination of trekking paths, local culture and snowy peaks! The landscape was varied from forests to steep paths and we were well guided by Prem – experienced adventure guide and a true leader.  He was a trail guide, medical expert (a few of us were sick!), friend and made up our mountain family! We loved his knowledge on many subjects, his interactions with the local people, his caring for the porters - ensuring they were as well looked after as we were. We felt like “rockstars” compared to the other trekkers we were so well cared for! We can highly recommend Mountain Mart treks and Prem as our guide and leader – they were professional, considerate, knowledgeable and it was a wonderful experience.

Ashley May 
South Africa 

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Everest Base Camp,Cho La pass,Gokyo trek- December 2014

Lonely Planet said trekking to Everest Base Camp requires feats of endurance in December – clearly they didn’t trek with Mountain Mart Treks! Professional, efficient and personal before, during and after our trek! They checked our gear and equipment to ensure we were prepared for fitness and equipment. It was cold but the weather was sunny and our fantastic guide Prem made sure we got extra blankets at night too! Loaded with knowledge – he could name every peak and its elevation, he knew the routes of the trails, how long it would take us and gave us a daily programme of what to expect. We were well looked after with the best accommodation, recommendations for food – checking in the kitchen to make sure food was prepared so we didn't get sick and always with a smile! We were even given supplementary snacks every day and fresh fruit after dinner! Everything was “no problem” and we had superb conversations with local input on politics, religion, culture, trekking, education and more! 5 star recommendation for Prem, Dolakh and Mountain Mart treks.   

Sally Grierson and sisters 
South Africa

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Upper Dolpo Trek- September 2014

In September 2012 a friend and I were privileged to join Prem Panta on a magical 21 day trek to Upper Dolpo. This remote and sparsely populated region demands a full camping trek with all supplies carried from the entry village of Juphal – with its tiny airport. MMTs organisation was meticulous and within two hours we left with a team comprising our superb chef, Chandra Basnet, two local porters and a donkey-man with six donkeys. ‘On board’ were 45kg rice, 120 eggs, apples for three weeks and everything else that could possibly be needed...

Dolpo offers a vast landscape: forested in its lower regions, but mostly barren and desolate on the uplands – everywhere magnificent. We spent 11 treeless days at over 4000m and frequently trekked for 7-9 hours a day (being fairly slow up the scree slopes of the high passes). 

Villages are small and remote; the architecture varies with the lack of rainfall; walls in the north often built with packed mud that is centuries old. Life is hard with families migrating to high summer pastures and lower regions for the harsh winter months. Paths are narrow and all goods are carried on the backs of people or animals over great distances: once more we did not see one wheel after leaving the airport. As always, the people were friendly; most spoke at least some Nepalese but little English. Where possible, terraced fields have been wrested from the stony upper slopes where millet, buckwheat and some corn is irrigated from snowmelt streams during the short growing season. A wide variety of colourful autumn flowers bloomed in seemingly impossible places.

Both the Bön and Buddhist faiths (much intermingled) are important factors holding communities to the freedom of this region. Important nodes are the gompas at the stunning Phoksundo Lake; Shey and its “satellite” monasteries of Tsakang (a highlight for me) and ___. The oldest Buddhist gompa is at Saldang, > 750 years; it has recently been fully refurbished. Further north is the architecturally different and ancient village of Yangze with the oldest Bön Gompa in Nepal; not in a great state, but very well worth the trek.

From Saldang we turned south towards the broad and fertile Tarap Valley and then down to below the tree line and a greener, wetter world through long steep-sided valleys above roaring rivers and on back to Juphal. 

For me, this trek stands head and shoulders above the four others I have done, including a dramatic 27 day Kangchenjunga trek. Part of that was due to the humbling scale of the vast landscapes, but also greatly enhanced by the care and kindness we received from Prem and his team. The tents and equipment were first class, the meals were excellent, always tasty, hot and very varied; the staff friendly, helpful and super-efficient. 

My praise for this company is considered and based on much experience. I can strongly recommend them:- both “in the field” and “in the office” where my every question or suggestion was concisely answered and dealt with by Dolakh. I plan to return and trek with them again – and again.

Stephen Jaffe
Keith Roberts
Cape Town, South Africa

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Annapurna Base Camp Trek - October 2014

 In late September this year a friend and I tackled the Annapurna Base Camp trek. Our experienced guide, Badri Panta, and a porter led a trek that matched our fitness levels and ensured that we successfully completed it without succumbing to the effects of altitude. 

This route passes through numerous attractive villages which are well geared for high-volume trekking; each with several tea houses that cater for the needs of the “foreign palate” with a wide variety of dishes. We walked for five to six hours a day – with the choice of moving on if we wanted to. The route follows the Modi Khola valley towards its glacial source through magnificent forests and terraced fields of rice, millet and vegetable gardens. Higher up this gave way to scrub vegetation and then the towering walls of ice that ring base camp with imposing Machhapuchhare on the eastern flank. 

Cloud tended to obscure the views from around 11am, but early mornings were generally clear. At base camp, moon lit views of the glacier and the surrounding peaks were only bettered by sunrise in a cold clear sky that devoured memory card space as the light changed. The faster return journey included an alternative lower route and shorter way out.

I want to offer sincere thanks to Badri, and MMTs smooth organisation, for an excellent trek. The route presents constant opportunities to meet and mingle with the friendly people and Badri’s knowledge and natural enthusiasm added greatly to our enjoyment of a special trek. It will not be our last! 

Keith Roberts
Cape Town, South Africa

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Everest three pass trek, November-December 2014

I’ve just completed 18 days trek to Everest 3 passes organized by Mountain Mart Treks. The trek was included the Renjo La pass (5345 m), Cho La (5240m), Everest Base Camp (5345m), Kala Pathar (5545 m), Kongma La (5535m) The views from these places were spectacular with clear sunny days for the entire hike. The trip arrangement of Mountain Mart Trek was first class. The smallest details were taken care perfectly during the trip. Such as,

•    Clean drinking water

•    Afternoon tea and biscuits

•    Energy Bar(Chocolates)

My guide Badri Panta was excellent. He knew the best lodges, many with inside toilet. He was able to advise on the food at the tea houses. What to eat and something what to avoid, there by avoiding such thing as upset stomach.

The service provided by Mountain Mart Trek was awesome. I’ve no hesitation in recommending  them any potential clients. If anybody would like share more information, please do write me anytime.

Gideon Malherbe

Cape Town, South Africa


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Nepal Tour October-November 2014

What a   surprise Nepal was for us . We came not knowing much about the Country and each day was an experience. There is so much to see and do in Nepal which we were not aware of …even after reading the Guide Book. 

The Temples were amazing…well kept, clean and easy to get round. One is exposed to the ritual in a relaxed atmosphere. They are UNESCO sites and I did not know this. 

The Nepalese people are friendly and so honest always willing to help and advise you. The Hotel staff at all the hotels was such a pleasure to deal with and they go out of their way to make your stay a pleasure.

We had the most amazing weather and each day in November was warm and sunny…blue skies every day. This helped a lot with amazing views of the Himalayas which we saw nearly every day. They change in character and we had many wonderful sunrises and sunsets. 

The Hotels were comfortable and well chosen for positions and comfort in the venues.

We were very happy with Mountain Mart Trek . We sent an email with a very rough outline of what we wanted to see and back came a trip with much more added in at a reasonable price. Dolakh had added in much more to make the trip so memorable . On arrival all the promised arrangements unfolded and nothing went wrong, was cut short or failed to excite us. The Staff at Mountain Mart are helpful and give a very personal service which we liked being senior travelers. It was a boon to have a car and driver and this made our travels much easier. Mountain Mart Trek also monitored how the trip was going and suggested on a daily basis what would suit us . We missed nothing on the 2 week trip and we covered about 1000 KM over the Country .

We would definitely recommend Mountain Mart Trek to tailor a future trip and we will tell people back in  South Africa about our trip . Thank you Dolakh and Mountain Mart Trek for this wonderful trek, we will back again ……………………. Sooner or later. 

Ian Chambler and David Vincent . Durban . South Africa . Nov 2012.
P.O. Box 30352 . Mayville . Durban . KZn . South Africa.

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Annapurna Sanctuary Trek, October 2014

I chose mountain mart treks for my trek due to how genuine they were in providing me with the trek to suit my needs. Straight up they were knowledgeable of the area I was interested in and were able to put together the entire trip on short notice with no hassles and include other activities I wanted along the way such as a weekend at Chitwan national park. My guide Prem was keen and helpful the entire time and was able to share a laugh and a few roxy’s with sukuti along the way. I thoroughly enjoyed my trek and highly recommend Mountain Mart to anyone who is looking to organise a trip.

Troy Chatman
Sydney, Australia

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Annapurna Circuit Trek, October/November 2014

We, Kari and Dag Kavlie from Norway, are now back from a fantastic trek of the Annapurna Circuit. We are both retired persons that love trekking and this is our first visit to Nepal.

We spent 17 days for the trek and walked all the way. Badri panta was our guide and Ram our porter. They did a wonderful job to make the trek an excellent experience. This also includes finding nice overnight accommodation and good food. We experienced a very good contact with the local people with help from Badri. The nature was just fantastic. Dolakh Thapa key person and adventure consultant of Mountain Mart Trek gave us good program adaption to the altitude so we experienced no problems with height even at the Thorong La pass at 5416 meter. We will strongly recommend Mountain Mart Trek and Badri as a guide.

They gave us very good service both with good information before and during our stay in Nepal and solved any questions that came up during the trek.

If you want to contact us we can be reached by 

Mr. Dag Kavlie
Mrs. Kati Kavlie
Oslo, Norway