Come Travel and Discover Bhutan

The Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan is a country sandwiched between China and India. The landscape of the country ranges from lush subtropical plains in the south to the sub-alpine Himalayan mountains in the north which provides good condition for hiking and trekking. You should now make plans to Discover Bhutan, its culture, nature and indigenous people.

Tiger's Nest - Discover Bhutan
Discover Bhutan

Bhutan is the last Himalayan kingdom. It is a magic of monasteries, mountains and Buddhist artwork. More than 70% of its land is forested which has helped to make this magical country be Carbon Neutral. Bhutan offers one of the natural surrounding and pristine environment in the entire world. You are welcome to explore this part of the world. Here, we’ve compiled few tours to help you get close to this Himalayan aura. Continue reading

Overlooked Trekking Destination in Nepal

The different destination for trekking in Nepal has been attracting adventure seekers from worldwide. Most of the trekking destinations mostly marketed or seen in the market have been quite popular. There are more trekking destinations which are not popular in the guide books. These overlooked trekking destination in Nepal are almost a must-go place for any adventure seekers.

Overlooked Trekking Destination in Nepal
Overlooked Trekking Destination in Nepal

Travelers worldwide consider Nepal as one of the most loved tourist destinations. The world knows Nepal by its collection of some of the tallest mountains, medieval monuments and range of adventure activities Among these activities, Trekking in Nepal makes the top half of the adventure seekers everywhere. Continue reading

Travel Plans 2018 – For Your Holiday Planning

The year has come to and end and a new Year 2018 has already started. Its time to make some Travel Plans 2018. The new year bring new opportunities for travel for people all around the globe. Nepal has been doing quite well during last year in tourism industry. Tours and trekking in Nepal has been a preferred activity for adventure seekers around the world. The country presents some of the world renowned travel destinations. Trekking in Nepal has been one of the favorite adventure activities of traveler in Nepal.

Travel Plans 2018 - Vacation in Nepal
Travel to Nepal in 2018

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Make your Christmas and New Year Travel Plans to Nepal

Holiday season is just around the corner and its almost that time of the year when you start making your Christmas and New Year Travel Plans. You should start planning for your holidays. People go to visit their relatives during the holidays. Some also choose to go on a travelling spree with their loved ones too.

Travel to Nepal
Christmas New Year travel 2018

Nepal provides many opportunities for holiday plans. One can have many options as to their  Christmas and New Year Travel Plans and according to their need too. You can contact your nearest travel agent for your travel arrangements in Nepal or Click here to get direct in contact to one of the best travel agency in Nepal. Continue reading

Mani Rimdu Festival – one of the ancient festival of the Everest region

Mani Rimdu festival is one of the ancient festivals of the Sherpa people living in the Everest region. This festival is a total of 19 consecutive day festivities. It concludes with the last three days allocated as public viewing of the festival. The meaning attributed to “Mani Rimdu” is that ‘Mani’ means “part of the chant of Chenrezig” and ‘Rilbu’ or ‘Rimdu’ means small red pills that are blessed during the festival. The red pills are blessed repeatedly and then distributed to all those who attend.

Mani Rimdu festival in Everest region
Mani Rimdu festival celebrated in the Khumbu region

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Quickest, shortest and easiest way to Everest Base Camp

Trekking in Nepal is always a number one go-to destination for any adventure seekers from around the world. On top of that, trekking in the Everest region certainly top of top adventurers. The world’s highest peak, the Everest has never failed to awe anyone. Trekking in the Everest region gives you an opportunity to experience this tallest peak first hand. Some might also travel all the distance just to get a glimpse of Everest. There are some treacherous long routes to Everest Base camp, also some of the routes are quickest, shortest and easiest way to Everest Base Camp.

Quickest, shortest and easiest way to Everest Base Camp
Quickest, shortest and easiest way to Everest Base Camp

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What to bring along for your trek (gear list) in Nepal?

Trekking in Nepal is seeks a lot of energy. You have to be well prepared for this. Remember the golden rule – “Travel light”. You will travelling with your backpack for 4-5 hours daily during your trek days. Make sure you carry as much less weight as possible. Make sure you also have a trek gear list too.

Trek gear list
Trekking gear list

Trek Gear List for trekking in Nepal

These are the most common gears required for you trekking adventure in Nepal. The list contains some of the basics trek gear list and accessories. The listed equipment will be useful for you for any types of treks, be it a short and easy trek or a long and strenuous trek in the Himalayas. Continue reading

Lions Club of Nepal Tourism distribute flood relief materials

This monsoon season saw heavy rainfall in south eastern nations including Nepal. There was torrential rainfall in the last couple of weeks. Many areas in Nepal saw record rainfall. The Terai belt saw the worst of it all. The people there were in need of flood relief.

Due to the heavy rainfall, there was a huge loss in life, livestock as well as property. There was erosion and landslide in many parts of the country. Security personnel from the army, armed police and the national police were deployed to help save lives. Now that the rainfall has subsided there is a big task ahead. Mainly the task is for proper rehabilitation of the survivors and general healthcare.

Lions Club of Nepal Tourism
Lions Club of Nepal Tourism – relief distribution

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Adjust yourself to Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS)

Acute Mountain Sickness is an altitude related effect to your body. This happens when your body cannot adapt efficiently to the high altitude. You need not to climb Mount Everest to start feeling the pain from altitude sickness. Whether it is shortness of breath, nausea, or exhaustion, this can totally mess up your trip plan. But with simple precaution you can easily avoid this and adjust yourself to the altitude to have an amazing trip.

What is Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS)

When you travel to altitude higher than 2800 meters / 9200 feet, your body takes in far less oxygen per breath than your minimum requirement which causes altitude sickness. This can happen to any one regardless of your age, gender or fitness level. You might be surprised that this happened to Sir Edmund Hillary.

Adjust to Acute Mountain Sickness
Adjusting to Acute Mountain Sickness

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