Nepal: Where Aussies are going for winter

Australians are changing their worldwide travel destination during the last couple of years. A country in Asia tops the go-to destination for Aussies this winter. Here is a proof that Australians are becoming much more adventurous than ever before.

Aussies holidaying in Chitwan National Park
Nepal has been seeing increase in the number of Aussie visitors.
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The Australian Bureau of Statistics data for June to August 2016, showed that Nepal enjoyed the biggest increase in Aussie visitors with numbers booming 211% from just 900 in winter 2011 to 2800 last year. Nepal tops the go-to destination for Aussies this winter. A growing number of adventure seeking Aussies are making Nepal their holiday destination. The spike in data reveals the same that there has been an increase for holidaymakers for an adventure filled holiday rather than the normal holidays.

How does the holiday for Aussies seem?

With very favorable condition, more and more travelers are traveling to this country for their holiday. This also includes the Australia. With advancement in information technology, healthcare, improved transportation, political stability Nepal will definitely see more surge in the tourism industry. Traveler from Australia, in particular, seem to skip the chilly winter and enjoy their time with their friends and family in Nepal.

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Welcome to Nepal.