Lions Club of Nepal Tourism distribute flood relief materials

This monsoon season saw heavy rainfall in south eastern nations including Nepal. There was torrential rainfall in the last couple of weeks. Many areas in Nepal saw record rainfall. The Terai belt saw the worst of it all. The people there were in need of flood relief.

Due to the heavy rainfall, there was a huge loss in life, livestock as well as property. There was erosion and landslide in many parts of the country. Security personnel from the army, armed police and the national police were deployed to help save lives. Now that the rainfall has subsided there is a big task ahead. Mainly the task is for proper rehabilitation of the survivors and general healthcare.

Lions Club of Nepal Tourism
Lions Club of Nepal Tourism – relief distribution

In this very scenario, the Lions Club of Nepal Tourism (LCNT) made a small effort in helping those affected by this flood. The tourism entrepreneurs associated with different organization under the umbrella organization of Lions Club came together to take action. The member personnel visited the the area affected area and the area for distribution was chosen, Budhiganga, Itahari. This was a small initiation by joint LCNT members to help a community.

Following were the items distributed by the LCNT members:

  • A total of 20 tents
  • Urgent cash support to 23 household
  • Needed medicine supplied to 35 household
  • Clothing provided to 35 household

Here are few photos of the distribution program:


flood relief distribution

Is other parts of Nepal safe from the flood?

Yes. The Terai belt of Nepal was the worst hit by flooding during this monsoon. But, travelers who want to go trekking high in the Himalayas, including Everest region and Annapurna region, need not worry about flooding in that part of the Nation. It is totally safe in those regions. The people in Himalayan region are eagerly awaiting your arrival.