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Manaslu Region Trekking

Mt. Manaslu (Mountain of the Spirit 8,156m/26,760ft) is the 8th highest mountain and in the north of the Gorkha district of mid-western Nepal. It lies south of the Tibetan border with the Nupri, Kutang and Tsum Valleys to its north and northeast bordering Tibet. This region contains some of the most beautiful and dramatic of all Himalayan scenery. The peoples in the high valleys are of Tibetan origin, yet with distinct cultural and language differences. .

Treks begin in lower Gorkha: home to the people of Gurkha fame – mainly Gurungs and Newars. Buddhist communities in the highlands have remained isolated from the south and continue to trade with Tibetans in the Kyirong district across the border. In 1997 a Conservation Development Programme was initiated with the Nupri and Kutang communities, resulting in the formation of the Manaslu Conservation Area in 1998. In 2008, at the Tsumba’s request, the pristine Tsum Valley was incorporated and opened to limited trekking. We offer Lodge Trekking packages in this region.